NWLinen Services

Our Team

Hi , I am Anna Slater and I am the Managing Director of North West Linen Services Ltd. I started North West Linen Services over 6 years ago now after having worked for Laundries based throughout Europe. In 2014 I decided none offered and delivered what I believed the fundamentals of Laundry and Linen Hire to be. Luckily for me my Father Mark (my operations manager) and the rest of my family agreed that their was a niche and supported me 100% on my journey to setting up my own Laundry and Linen Hire business. For me running a business was a long held ambition and I believe North West Linen Services delivers its core values.

Quality over Quantity

Open to learning and improving

Family values

Mark Slater
Operations Manager

With over 30 years of industry experience throughout Europe (as well as being Anna’s father) Mark was the ideal choice for a Operations Manager. As a teacher in a former life Mark has the eagerness to learn and to pass that knowledge on. He has been KEY in the success of North West Linen Services; having worked in and run successful Laundries and Linen Hire business’ before. He has helped North West Linen Services to gain qualities and values that appeal to staff and customers. He is dedicated to delivering the best product possible and not being static in the industry.