NWLinen Services

Our services

We provide all of our clients with quality dedicated stock as standard. This helps keep standards consistent and let you focus on what you do best!

We specialise in sourcing and supplying the very best quality linen available to sort your needs. Whether you require standard, customised or even bespoke linen we can help!

Hotel Linen

We provide bedding for some of the North West of England and North of Wales best hotels.

Restaurants Linen

We provide some of the UK's best restaurants with a vital element that makes their restaurants look as good as possible.

Kitchen Linen

Along with the front of house we provide some of the UK's top chefs with their linen

Hair/Beauty Salons

We provide hair and beauty salons with premium linen that can me personalised.


We provide spa's with high quality linen to help enhance your clients experience.

Event Venues

We provide venues with a range of linen for whatever the occasion.

Event Suppliers

We provide a range of linen to get you ready for whatever the occasion.

Catering Suppliers

We provide catering suppliers with anything that you would need front and back of house.

Ad Hoc Hire

If you require linen for a one off occasion, we can help there too.